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Trix DrawingCenter is a viewer, redliner and comparator
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Trix DrawingCenter is a very sophisticated and powerful software application designed to allow you to open and work with CAD files (e.g., DWG files), which are engineering and architectural drawings created with other software programs, especially Autodesk AutoCAD.

Once you have opened your CAD file, this program allows you to perform numerous tasks on it, like printing it, inserting notes, comparing drawings, and taking measurements, among others. It allows you to print a complete file, or just certain layers, scale the images, automatically calculate areas and perimeters, and insert watermarks in your printouts. You can also insert cloud comments and annotations for others to read.

A very novel feature of this program gives you the opportunity to export your drawings to PDF format. You can also automatically compare and find the differences between two versions of the same drawing file. However, it is very important to take into account that this is not an editing software tool. Thus, you cannot make changes to the original DWG file, which stays untouched.

This program is fully compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions from XP, for both 32- and 64-bit editions.

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